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ibaBM-DPM-S is an interface device for Profibus DP, designed for high speed data acquisition on a Profibus DP
line. The Profibus data are acquired, converted to the fast ibaNet message format and transmitted over fiber optic
cable to an iba data acquisition system (ibaPDA-V6), equipped
The cards of the family ibaFOB-D are communication cards for ibaNet fi ber optical links.
The ibaFOB-D cards can be used for connecting a computer with iba fi eld devices like ibaPADU analog-digital converter units, ibaNet750 devices, ibaLink system couplings and iba bus monitors.
ibaPDA – a classic among data acquisition systems has evolved.
The user interface and operational concept have been thoroughlyre-designed based on our experience and our customers’ feedback. The next generation ibaPDA offers a variety of new and valuable functions. Both maintenance and pr